Spotlight On: Bubba Goes National

Book: Bubba Goes National by Jennifer Walker

Summary (Goodreads): Thirteen-year-old Leslie Clark has loved horses for as long as she can remember and has been riding since she was six. Although her widowed father cannot afford to give her everything she desires, she works hard to get what she wants. When what she wants, a great horse to show, is taken right out from under her by her rival, Kate Wellesley, Leslie thinks her whole world has been turned upside down–until she finds Lucky (nicknamed Bubba by her father, who thinks he is funny). Then, everything changes.
Readers of Bubba Goes National will be touched by an inspiring story, but they will also learn about the care and showing of horses while they read about Leslie’s adventures. Sandwiched in is a lesson that if one is willing to work hard, they can make their dreams come true. Bubba Goes National is the first of the Riders of Green Meadow series, which will showcase horses that are unwanted by one person but are another’s dream come true

Spotlighted Because: When I was in grades five and six I was obsessed with horses. Literally. I spent hours thinking of the perfect name for my horse, if I was ever lucky enough to get one. Really, what 1o year old girl doesn’t dream about having her own horse?

I read The Saddle Club and The Thoroughbread series like they were going out of style. A friend of mine who lived down the street and I would lend our Saddle Club and Thoroughbred books to each other the second we had finished reading them ourselves. I remember having a notebook that I would write down “horse tips” that I didn’t want to forget. I even  had a couple horse magazines. I talked about horses to my similarly horse obsessed friends at school. To put it mildly, I was REALLY into horses.

When I heard about this book, I was instantly interested because it reminded me so much of myself when I was little. It’s always fun to read an old favorite that brings back memories. Even though I haven’t read it yet, I’m sure it’ll bring all those horse obsessed memories flooding back when I do read it. I think it also holds a great message – that you can achieve anything you want with work. It might be hard, but if you’re willing to work for it, you can get what you want.