Books of My Youth

I’ve been thinking lately about the books that I used to read in grade school. I used to read a lot, it was crazy. If it was in a series I probably read it.

I read just about every Babysitter’s Club book til I grew out of them (Super Specials got me way too excited). I read somewhere that they’re getting re-released with a new cover. It’ll be interesting to see if they’re as popular the second time around as they were the first.

I was all about Nancy Drew. She was (in my 4th grade opinion) amazing. She was smart, pretty, had a great best friend, and even a cute boyfriend. Really, what else could you want? I collected the yellow hardcover ones of the old books as well as the newer paperbacks.

As just about any girl does I went through a horse phase. I read The Saddle Club books like there was no tomorrow. I remember going to the library and borrowing stacks of them. I had a friend who read them too and we used to lend them to each other. There was another horse series that I read but I can’t remember the name of it.

I read Goosebumps as well, but as soon as I discovered Fear Street I knew that was the R L Stine series for me. I loved them cause they were scary and because I had such an active imagination, I could scare myself. (I still do this by reading Stephen King – somethings never change.)

I really enjoyed anything by Roald Dahl. My favorites had to be The BFG and Matilda. In high school we had an assistant principal who walked about the school always looking mean and grumpy, just waiting for an excuse to put you in detention. I can’t remember her real name, but I do remember that everyone called her Trenchbull, courtesy the horrible principal in Matilda who would swing little girls around by their braids. Granted, I never saw our assistant principal do that.

Although I never read them, I had a friend who was really into Sweet Valley High. They just for some reason never appealed to me.