I’ve gotten two blog awards over the last little while, and I wanted to pass them on to some of my favorite blogs.

First, I got the Sunshine Award from Senora at Reading, Reading and Life. I have to pass it onto 12 blogs, so here they are:

  1. Cat at Beyond Books
  2. Melissa at Book Nut
  3. Christina at Books Are Life
  4. The Chapter Chicks at Chapter Chicks
  5. Christina at Confessions of A Book Addict
  6. Kate at I Just Wanna Sit Here And Read
  7. Valerie at I Should Be Writing
  8. Kelsey at Just Blinded Book Reviews
  9. Allison at Read Into This!
  10. Lori at Pure Imagination
  11. Dawn at Officially Twisted
  12. Maria at The Serpentine Library

1. Get really excited that you got the coolest award EVER!
2. Choose ONE of the following options of accepting the OMB award:
(a) Get really drunk and blog for 15 minutes straight, or for as long as you can focus.
(b) Write about your most embarrassing moment.
(c) Write a “Soundtrack of your childhood” post.
(d) Make your next blog a ‘vlog’/video blog. Basically, you’re talking to the camera about whatever.
(e) Take a picture of yourself first thing in the morning, before you do anything else (hair, make up, etc) and post it.
3. Pass the award on to at least three, but preferably more, awesome bloggers. Don’t forget to tell them.
Instead of a soundtrack of my childhood I’ll do a soundtrack of my teen years, as this is a YA blog.
  1. Glycerine by Bush
  2. Bullet With Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins
  3. Superman’s Dead by Our Lady Peace
  4. Push by Moist
  5. I Miss You Love by Silverchair
  6. Machinehead by Bush
  7. I’m Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage
  8. When I Come Around by Green Day
  9. Wonderwall by Oasis
  10. Pretty Noose by Soundgarden
  11. Gotta Get Away by The Offspring
  12. High and Dry by Radiohead

Haha, what a list of angsty songs. But seriously, this music helped me get through a lot of tough times, sometimes it felt like the only thing I could relate to. Bush gets two songs cause I was obsessed with them for a long time.

Here are the bloggers I’d like to pass this award on to: