Book Blogger Hop (9)

The Book Blogger Hop is hosted every week by Jennifer at Crazy For Books. Thanks Jennifer!

Here’s this week’s question:

Pick a character from a book you are currently reading or have just finished and tell us about him/her.

I’m reading I’m a Non-Blonde Cheerleader by Kieran Scott right now. The main character is Annisa, and she’s awesome. Despite having a few run-in’s with the popular girls on her first day at a new school, she still goes out for the cheerleading team, even after she finds out that they’re all on the team. She does what she wants, even if it goes against what everyone else thinks. She does the right thing even when it’s not the popular thing to do. Even though I’m not quite done yet, I have a feeling that she won’t be willing to sacrifice herself for the possibility of being popular.

I wish I was like her when I was in high school.



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