Every Little Thing in the World by Nina De Gramont

Published By: Atheneum

Year of Publication: March 23, 2010

Categories:Contemporary, YA

Pages: 288

Summary (from goodreads.com): A teenager. A pregnancy. A familiar story. NOT

When sixteen-year-old Sydney Biggs’s pregnancy test shows the tell tale plus sign, she confides in only her best friend Natalia, and Natalia promptly “borrows” her mother’s car so Sydney can confront the baby’s father. But after the car is reported stolen and police bring the girls home, their parents send them away to wilderness camp as punishment. With six weeks to spend in the wilds of Canada, time is ticking for Sydney, who isn’t sure what she wants to do about the pregnancy. As she befriends her fellow adventuremates and contends with Natalia’s adamant opinions on the choices available, Sydney realizes that making the right choice can mean very different things.

Review: I thought Sydney was a great character – and a thoroughly honest one at that. Although I was never in Sydney’s situation, I think I would have definitely been in denial at first too – I think a lot of teens would have. I can totally relate to being terrified of telling my parents. While I know that they definitely would have supported me in any decision that I would have made, it would still be scary.

As much I as liked Sydney, I disliked her best friend, Natalia. I felt absolutely no connection to her. I think it was because I didn’t like that she was pressuring Sydney to make the decision that she would have made if she were in that situation. I think she should have been more of a best friend, and been willing to accept whatever Sydney felt was right for her to do, without trying to make her feel guilty or being mad at her. It’s already a tough situation for Sydney to be in, she doesn’t need to add problems with Natalia to her list of things to deal with.

I loved hearing about the area where they were camping. It was described beautifully. From the sounds of it, I would love to go exploring in that same area. It sounded so serene and remote. You’ll be inspired to go hiking and spend time outdoors after reading this book.

I would have liked to hear more about Sydney at home, both before and after her trip. I felt like I got to know Sydney while on the trip, but I didn’t get a real feel for how she was before, or how she changed when she went home.

If you’re looking for a great book about teen pregnancy while getting a feel for beautiful surroundings, this is the book for you.

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Image: goodreads.com

Disclosure: I got this book from the library.


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