The Vampire Diaries: Dark Reunion by L J Smith

Published by: Harper Collins

Year of Publication: 1992

Categories: Urban Paranormal, Vampire, YA

Pages: 288

Summary (from Goodreads): Elena: Now she rises from the dead to recreate the powerful vampire trio.

Stefan: Summoned by Elena, he keeps a promise to her and fights the most terrifying evil he’s ever faced.

Damon: Joining the brother he once called enemy, Damon battles this new horror with strength, cunning, and deadly charm.

Review: I think last book in the series is my favorite. While I found the ending a little unbelieveable, I still liked how all the ends were tied up for the most part.

It was quite the page turner. It seemed like I never wanted to put it down. I wanted to know what would happen to all the characters – especially Bonnie and Stephen. They were my two favorite characters.

One major difference that I really liked in this book was that it was told from the point of view of Bonnie. I found myself getting frustrated with Elena in previous books because I thought she made stupid decisions. My personality is a lot more like Bonnie, so I found it easier to relate to her, and enjoyed this book more because of it.

I haven’t been all that impressed with this series of books (though I am glad I read them), I still love the TV show. I’m a faithful viewer every week, and I will continue to watch. Plus Stephen is pretty easy on the eyes.


Disclosure: I borrowed this book from the library.


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