The Vampire Diaries: The Fury by L J Smith

Published by: Harper Collins

Year of Publication: 1999

Categories: Vampire, YA, Urban Paranormal

Pages: 256

Summary (from Goodreads):

Love can kill

Elena: with Damon at her side, and wild with her craving for blood, the changed Elena struggles to control her desires.

Damon: his hunger for the golden girl wars with his hunger for revenge against Stefan.

Stefan: tormented after losing Elena, he will do anything to get her back. Even if it means becoming what he once despised. . . .

Getting what they want may come at a deadly cost.

Review: So far this is my least favorite book in this series. I think part of it maybe that there was such a big gap between reading the book before this one and this one. I forgot some parts, and was kind of surprised when I was reminded of them in this book.

At this point the reason I’m still reading these books is for the characters, not necessarily the writing. Sure, the writing is great in some parts, but in others it seems to just drag on.

I absolutely love the characters. I find all three main characters – Elena, Stephen, and Damon – to be compelling and realistic. As much as I want Elena and Stephen to end up together (and I know a LOT of people disagree with me on that), I totally understand where Damon is coming from. I feel bad for him even, but I still want Elena to be with Stephen.

I have one more book left in the series, Dark Reunion, and I will definitely be reading it. I need to know what will happen to the characters in the end.


Disclosure: I borrowed this book from the library.


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