Bloggiesta 3 Finish Line

Three days later and Bloggiesta is done! I’ve done so much work on my blog, Friday feels like it was weeks ago. Here’s what I got done this weekend:

  • Come up with (attainable) blog goals
  • Update my blogroll
  • Update reviews on Goodreads
  • Comment on other blogs that are participating in Bloggiesta
  • Participate in at least 3 of the mini challenges
  • Do backlog of reviews that are waiting for me
  • Add blogs to Google Reader
  • Organize Google Reader
  • Add RSS and Email Subscription
  • Add blog address to email signature
  • Update About Me page
  • Update Review Policy page

That’s all but three items on my list – I’m pretty proud of myself.

I also made 42 comments on other blogs, most of them new to me. I found commenting on the blogs of other people participating in Bloggiesta was a great way to break the ice.

I completed 5 of the mini challenges – all but one! I probably wouldn’t have gotten most of those things done without the challenges, so it was great to have the motivation. Here’s the mini challenges that I participated in:

  • Goals Challenge
  • Review Policy Challenge
  • RSS Challenge
  • Stats Challenge
  • Commenting Challenge

And last but not least, I spent 19 hours total doing Bloggiesta related stuff – so close to my 20 hour goal.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to provide challenges for all of us to do, and of course to Natasha for organizing Bloggiesta, it was a lot of fun!

Image: Maw Books


4 thoughts on “Bloggiesta 3 Finish Line

  1. I had a great time with Bloggiesta and got a lot done so I’m one happy camper!

    Looks like you did good as well, that’s great! I worked for 19 hours as well, woo hoo!

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