Clean Away the Clutter Challenge Activity 3

Today’s challenge is hosted by The Neverending Shelf. You can see the post with the challenge here.

So, we’re supposed to share three blogs that we enjoy reading and want to share with others. It’s such a great idea – there are so many blogs out there, it’s always interesting to see what other people are reading. Here are my three:

Cover to Cover

Not only is Jessica a book blogger and reviewer, she also hopes to one day be an author. I love hearing about the other side of the book, from the writer’s perspective. She’s participated in NaNoWriMo, and I’m kind of in awe, cause I want to do it next year too.

The Brown Eyed Baker

Not only do I like to read, but I’m also a big baker. I recently discovered that there are a ton of baking blogs out there in the blogosphere. Why I didn’t know this before, I have no idea, but I was pretty excited when I discovered this one. She makes a great selection of baked good – everything from breads to cookies to pies – and they all look so delicious. One of my favorite things I’ve made from her blog was doggy treats! I shouldn’t say that they were my favorite, my dog Bailey was the one who really liked them.

The Recipe Curio

I love looking at old school recipe. Anything from the sixties and older intrigues me – I find them so interesting. She  posts recipes that she’s found in old collections of recipe cards, clippings from magazine or newspapers, and even old cookbooks. Most of the time she shares a picture of the recipe card/clipping/cookbook as well as a typed version of the recipe. I LOVE seeing the old ones, they’re so cool!

I hope you enjoy the little look into what’s in my Google Reader!


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